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Birthdate:May 7
Location:Massachusetts, United States of America
This journal has been created for the sole purpose of un-lurker-ing myself in the various anime fandoms that I love. ^_^ If I know you in real life, I am not responsible for anything you read here.


The nameless crack KH RP:

&hearts [personal profile] michikohxd
--[profile] rocks_ass = Roxas
--[profile] b_flat_minor = Demyx
&hearts [personal profile] windandwater
--[personal profile] windup_boytoy = Replica Riku
--[profile] chilly_touch = Vexen
&hearts [personal profile] jynx
--[profile] boomboomfire = Axel
--[profile] sparkle_witch = Namine
--[profile] upsidedown_sex = Xigbar
&hearts [personal profile] moffit
--[personal profile] boy_of_twilight = Riku
--[profile] rosa_moschata = Marluxia
--[profile] iniquity_in_me = Maleficent
&hearts [profile] luscious_sarah
--[personal profile] endlessxsky = Sora
--[profile] oath_kept = Kairi
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